Monday, March 16, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday 'Swirl'

Soooo happy that I'm finally getting a chance to join in over at IMT, seems like ages since I've done any of the prompts!

I love adding swirls into my artwork - either as a background repeat motif or as part of the main subject as with this illustration. I've always been fascinated with 'Tree of Life' art and have seen many interpretations of it from different cultures and mediums including fine art, jewelry and metal sculptural wall art.

'tree of life' - moleskine, mixed media

This particular tree of life is part folk art / part expressionism representing marriage so to have some special symbolism for me, I added 13 leaves (#of years married) and also a heart entwined with a 'swirl' of roots, which pretty much signifies that everything I do is from my heart. It is at the very 'root' of my existance, guiding me to the people I need to be with on my journey and for the most part sending me down the right paths :>

Before I forget, I also wanted to mention that Susan Tuttle is having another GIVEAWAY of her book, Exhibition 36: Mixed Media Demonstrations & Explorations. I already have a copy of her FABULOUS book, but it would be nice to gift somebody if I win. Pop on over to her blog and enter here

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful week!


Fotf said...

Love you're interpretation of the tree of life and your sentiments behind the elements.

Annette Q said...

I really like the symbolism in your piece- a lovely idea:-)

Anonymous said...

Laura, the more I look at this one the more I love it... I could see this as a tattoo! I know, weird? It's fabulous... hope you are having a great week!


Susan Tuttle said...

Gorgeous Laura!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the plug my dear.


Blinky St. James said...

It's very cute! :D

jazzlamb said...

the symbolism works at levels...which is what I like...also the roots are just beautiful!