Friday, March 27, 2009

Publicity and productivity!

Just catching up here - I've been very BUSY this past week or so, not much time for drawing, painting etc. as I've had much to do. I so MISS visiting everyone's blogs and posting!!!

As some of you know, I had a lot of questions last year as to which direction my creative life was heading when we made our move to the Southwest and so this year I hoped some answers would come my way. I have to tell you, I am continually amazed by this soulful, art-filled journey and all the AMAZING people that are stepping into my life this year - and it's only the end of March!!!

Anyhow, my friend and I, the super lovely and talented Vanessa of Colorful Creations 4u (she is just the sweetest Southern Belle thru and thru let me tell ya, hugs my friend!) and I went in on a space at a local Arts & Crafts Mall here, Just Us Chixs. We had no idea they just happened to be doing an article in the local paper last weekend and found out we were going to be one of the new featured vendors!

Here's a shot of our small booth, and actually our space is a nice size for what we were looking for. This mall in general is quite spacious and varied with approx. 45 vendors offering original art, antiques, pottery, wrought iron and handmade crafts.

Excited about this new venture - stay tuned for updates!!

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Jennifer White said...

Amazingly exciting!! Congratulations Laura....