Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Watercolor Wednesdays - 'umbrella' and 'dancing'

I joined an online group of aspiring (and accomplished) children's book illustrators about a month or so ago. I've only completed 2 prompts so far but want to be more active to see if it's something I really want to pursue as an illustrator. I've been an avid reader all my life and still love storybooks. I kept all of my daughter's books even when she insisted on getting rid of all but her favorites. I think that reading is so important and that kids should be encouraged to read as much as possible. And it's never too early to instill a love of reading -- I started reading to my daughter when she was a few weeks old :>

With Autumn here now, (well not here really, however the temps did dip below 60 degrees last night - woohoo!) getting back from ConveZioNE in California and still feeling the wonderful inspiration from meeting everyone - I'm finally ready to be back in my studio and eager to get to work.

I also have many things I want to accomplish before the end of this year. Some of which include:

1. Getting a portfolio together of top-notch illustrations showcasing my strongest work.
2. Finding out who, how, where to submit to.
3. Get a marketing plan in action.
4. Keep making my mixed media art because it helps me to relax and tames the critic in me who always wants my art to be 'perfect' :>
5. Participate in our local Main Street Market held the first Saturday of every month - only 3 of which are left before Christmas (!)
6. Get some cards, prints etc. up in my Etsy shop.

What is it about season beginnings/endings that makes us want to tidy up, set schedules, make short-term or even long range goals as the end of the year approaches? What are your creative plans? Do you have one big list that you work from or do you find making shorter, more doable lists, easier? I would have to say that shorter lists & instant gratification work better for me.

No matter what you end up accomplishing or not, be gentle with yourself, remember to breathe and don't forget to stay in the moment - life is too short :>


Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Laura!
What a sweet illustration! I love your plan of action -- you go girl!


Unknown said...

I love your illustration -- you're very talented! And your plan of action is on-time, especially as this Fall is "My Time"!!! Thank you!