Sunday, September 7, 2008

Inspire Me Thursday - 'Breath' (long post!)

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." -- unknown

mixed media on 12x12 wood panel

I had so many breath-taking moments at ConvenZioNE's inaugural mixed media art retreat a little over a week ago in Pleasanton, CA that I wanted to share it with you all at Inspire Me Thursday! I have to tell you, the creative energy there was so electric - so many kindred spirits in one place at the same time plus the town & surrounding areas were so beautiful.... I also felt myself catching my breath when meeting 'mixed media art celebrities' Lisa Kaus, Sally Jean Alexander as well as Dawn DeVries Sokol author of the book '1000 Journal Pages' featuring many artist friends. Some of the actual journals were there with the pages from the book to see in person, sooo cool.... (Dawn, so glad you liked my journals and that I'll be contributing to the Moly_exchange you've hosted, will be in touch soon!)
Susan Tuttle was a wonderful & patient teacher, thoroughly explaining her techniques, with step-by-step handouts to take home -- just a great soulful, experience for all of us in her class. Also, I do think I liked the smaller class size (and retreat attendee size in general) because it was more intimate & personal, but that's just my opinion :> My self-portrait piece was about 90% finished by the time the class ended. I had some finishing touches when I got home but pretty much the whole thing, start to finish, was done during Susan's class -- can't wait to try out more of her background techniques!
Here are some pics from the trip. After the opening day lunch we were free to explore & browse the many shops & boutiques on Main Street at Bella Galleria. My favorite (and everyone else's too I think!) was American Harvest. Folk art, cottage-style decor, and vintage treasures married with fabulous displays & lots of mixed media goodies, oh my!
Closeup vintage dressform - what a great idea, now I know what to do with that box of vintage vowel cards.....
Me & Susan at Saturday nite's group dinner, fabulous margaritas, great food & the best of company :>
The lovely Lani Kent, Susan & Dawn DeVries Sokol pose for a quick pic near the end of the night....
The hills & area surrounding Pleasanton were absolutely breath-taking! Vineyards surrounded by rolling hills, dotted with homes in small clusters here and there.
Time to go.....I will miss the beauty of that area, the many experiences I shared and all the creative, artistic souls I met that weekend -- until we meet again :>


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

These pictures are just fabulous!!! I wish that I could have been there. You must have had a ball. It's simply beautiful. The artwork is just delicious!!!!!

Healing Expressions said...

HI Laura...Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! It was so great to read your post and see all the great pictures! Such a wonderful time and great memories were made. I too wich there was more time to just hang and have a few more chats! But it was wonderful to meet both you and Susan! Dear souls you are!