Monday, August 17, 2009

Illustration Fri. 'wrapped'

'oranges in red netting', 8x10, color pencil

Here's my offering for IF's prompt this week - oranges 'wrapped' in netting. This is an older sketch of mine but I thought I'd share it as I came across this going through previous work the last couple of weeks. I'm trying to 'close the book' so to speak, on a few pieces, ie. ones that I left unfinished for whatever reason - I do remember that the netting on this seemed to take forever. Hoping to finish it up with a suitable mat & frame as I have an upcoming solo show locally. I'm trying to showcase pieces in all the various mediums I've worked in...

What a wondrous journey it has been these last few years...I have grown so much and I'm truly honored to have shared it with all of you lovely, creative and generous souls :)


Expat Barbie said...

hi, i stumbled on your blog through 'ilka's attic.'

i love your work :) thank you for sharing it with all of us.


Indigene said...

This is so realistic, I love oranges! Wow, what a great image!

studio lolo said...

This is simply stunning.
Great, great job!
A solo show? yay you!!

The Sydney Girl said...

was on oceandreams blog and came across yours! fabulous illustration :) xxx

Heli said...

amazing, wow