Thursday, May 14, 2009

SoulCollage - Council Suit

Well.........I finally 'pulled' my second SoulCollage card out of me. I say pulled because that's exactly what it felt like. For the last few weeks, I was not making any progress on my deck and thought it might be due to the small amount of images I had gathered. I decided to spend my 'dry time' sourcing out more images. Then this morning after visiting this artist's blog, I was able to finish this card with one of her freebie images (thank you Connie!)

Free Spirit Gypsy - Council Suit

According to the SoulCollage book (*see footnote for info), Council Suits are the Archetypal Dimension in your deck. They are thought to choose us instead of the other way around. Some may only stay with us a short time, then move on. However, some stay with us our whole lives.

I believe this one has been with me since I was a little girl......and continues to reinforce my free spirit attitude, my need to walk my own path, to seek out new & exciting places and people, and to savor my wanderlust ways. Now that I think about it, my Mom was always reminding us that we had 'gypsy blood' in our family. However, that could be because her side of our family is Ukrainian - shawls and 'babooshkas' (head wraps or kerchiefs) were worn everyday :>

Okay, now I need to catch up with the others working through the SoulCollage process with our Discovery Group hostess Carla at Wings 4 You coaching!

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isay said...

what a beautiful card and the colors really great! the clouds looks like it is really moving! the tons of hay seems to have some meaning, too

soulbrush said...

i love it too, as carla said, there is no deadlines, just do them as you feel the urge, but do keep on going..

PeregrineBlue said...

dear beautiful: thank you for writing and waving those arms frantically, i laughed so much. ofcourse it was an attention grabber and now i see you have put the image to good use. This is a beautiful collage. I think alot about you since I am working part time for a cowboy.

studio lolo said...

Laura, this is one of the best soul collages I've ever seen. You truly get it. Wow!!

carla said...

This image is stunning - visually and conceptually! It makes no difference that you are moving slowly. What comes forth is so full or richness:)