Saturday, May 16, 2009

Inspire Me Thursday - 'petals'

What a fun, carefree prompt this was. I love drawing & painting flowers and can't get enough of the color yellow lately (not sure why, it has never been a fave of mine) but it's definitely good to paint outside your 'comfort' color zone now and than :>

This was done in my handmade paperbag journal which I'm sad to say is almost full! I need to scout out some of those large, thick paper grocery bags next time I head out of town as no one here carries them, at least from what I've seen.

artist crayons, acrylic, white pen, charcoal, decorative paper, letter mini-stamps on Fabriano w/c paper in handmade paperbag journal

closeup for detail....

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope your weekend is a good one!


Fotf said...

Love this peice, it's simplicity and colours, lovely :-)

Susan Tuttle said...

sweet, sweet daisies

sweet, sweet Laura!


studio lolo said...

Painting on brown paper bags is one of my favorite mediums. This is very nice...I love the softness and vibrancy at the same time.

Jennifer White said...

Brown paper bags.....what a fantastic idea! And I know exactly the type of bags you're talking about and have a local grocer who I think carries the kind you're talking about. I will have to give it a try.

your close-up of the daisy...I think I can reach through my computer and feel it!


Tracy said...

i love your daisys. they were always one of my favorite flowers.