Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Faith and Giving Thanks

I've been thinking of 'faith' these days (and trust) as the holidays approach and the start of Thanksgiving weekend tomorrow. Our family moved cross-country this year to a land of eternal (well almost) sunshine and warm weather. I was ok with it until about a month ago when the Autumn I was used to back home came and went with hardly a blink here - no cold winds, no crunchy leaves, no misty breaths in the cold morning air as I sent my daughter off to school. And to think that there will be no snow here for Christmas is almost unbearable. I have known only snowy winters my entire life save for a vacation here and there to a warm climate. Don't get me wrong though - I won't miss the blizzards and snow drifts and the novelty does wear off after about 3 months of the white stuff!! Still.....

Which brings me back to the 'faith' part of my post and the little piece above, which I created today. I believe that we all end up being where we need to be at certain times in our lives and that when we start to question things we need to remember to have 'faith'.

- that a higher power is at work
- that the universe has good things in store for us and to hang in there
- in our short-term and long range goals & decisions
- to follow our hearts

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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Susan Tuttle said...

Happy Thanksgiving dear one! Big hugs to you!!

Miss you!!