Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Market, Limited Edition 'Adornies'

Hello friends! I feel like I've been away from blogland FOREVER - even though it's only been a few weeks :> I hope life is treating you well these days and I wish all of you health, happiness and an abundance of whatever it is that FEEDS YOUR SOUL and PUTS A SONG IN YOUR HEART.

As I mentioned awhile back, I had set some goals to achieve before the end of the year. I've actually met about 1/2 of them but it has been only with some discipline and concentrated effort that I was able to do so.

One of my goals was to participate in our local Main Street Market and also the Christmas Arts & Crafts Show coming up in a few short weeks (yipes, I still have so much more to do!) My offerings will include these new festive pieces as well as prints of my original artwork on blank greeting cards which I've titled and signed.

'Adornies' can either be used as ornaments or pendants. I have other themes that I'm working on for these mini-collages on wood which measure 1.25" x 3" but started out with this Santa-stamp themed edition. Each piece is comprised of real cancelled postage stamps, vintage & artist papers, ink, letter stamps, paint and a semi-matte sealer. As a finishing touch, I 'iced' them with German glass glitter (which as some of you may know acquires a beautiful patina when it's exposed to light over time) and also signed & numbered each one on the back.

Each of the 'Adornies' dangles from a silver or gold ball chain hanger. However, the jump ring I used is large enough to thread a nice, wide vintage ribbon through to wear it as a pendant for a unique, festive necklace if you so desire. I'm currently working on packaging and pricing as I'll be updating my Etsy shop soon, so please stay tuned for that as my show date grows closer.
EDIT: 11/23/08 Don't forget to check out some beautiful ornaments created by Mixed Media Monday members HERE


Heather B. said...

YEAH! Love the 'adornies' cute! Good luck!

Fotf said...

These are very sweet and quite unusual in the real world, not something you see everyday. Should catch the eye of the festive folk. Hope the rest of your plans go well :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pieces - don't forget that if you put your link up on Mixed Media Monday, you need to mention them in your post, with a link back to us.