Sunday, October 26, 2008

Illustration Friday - 'Repair'

WIP 'The Key', acrylic on 12x12 wood panel
(view full pic here)

When I seen this week's IF prompt 'repair', I didn't think I'd have anything to offer but as it turns out, I do.

This piece wasn't moving in the direction that I wanted so I wet down areas to remove and started to wipe away what I could. After drying it completely, I went in with fine grit sandpaper, a little too vigorously, and took off more than I planned. To repair it and slowly bring the layers back up took some time & patience. It's been quite the experience working on these wood panels - every mistake fixed or problem solved is another step forward on the learning curve :>

I think I'm going to put this aside before I finish it up, her dress isn't detailed and I'm not completely happy with her hair, it's not as free flowing as my sketch reference. I've heard that procrastination is part of the creative process, that it works its' magic in the background of our lives - that works for me, at least right now.

Here's to growing as an artist - go learn something new this week!


trowbridge chronicles said...

I like your drawing and painting style. It's very unique.

Zórdís said...

So sweet! I often wonder what my crows bring in their peek.

Adorable and romantic!

patri oliveira said...

Your work is so beautiful!!

Patri (From Brazil)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

THIS IS JUST..... BEAUTIFUL!!!! You've put a lot of heart into this. I love the crop of her and the deliciousness of the black bird against the white of her dress. I would love to see if finished. Excellent work Laura. I really like what you have done.

Susan Tuttle said...

She is beautiful my friend! I too find great benefit from walking away from a work in progress. When I return I always get a strong gut feeling about what I like and what I don't like -- what works and what doesn't.

I miss you lots!