Thursday, October 23, 2008

Illustration Friday - 'Late'

'Gypsy Soul' handmade paperbag journal, watercolor, ink

Just a quick offering as I'm late in posting anything for this week's IF :> A simple pencil sketch that I drew last night, then filled in w/ watercolor in my paperbag journal this a.m. This is my reference for a painting I just started working on.

I've missed visiting y'all since I set up a new studio schedule for myself. I've basically decided that I need to 'show up' everyday and do the work that needs to be done, sounds simple right? Wrong! Sometimes my muse is off playing elsewhere, so on those days I clean or organize, listen to some fave music and try not to think about deadlines, being late, or getting behind with my plans and

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Fotf said...

There is alot to be said for putting aside time for certain things. In a nutshell i have suffered from PND and OCD since having my son. For the first two years i got nothing done! Then this year i deceided to play catch up which up to a point i have managed and i also deceided that it was important to find time for me, i craft, write, blog but like you say sometimes the thoughts, imagination, words just aren't there and it's so fustrating but i guess all things happen for a reason, we can alway fit everything in and be on time. When the mood takes you the pencil or paints will follow :-)