Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Shoes!

9x12 sketchbook, pencil

Finally getting this posted! By request from Kathleen last week to show everyone the different shoes I sketched. Not a great pic but scanning it didn't improve it so here you have it. I have a few other pages with bits & pieces, random scribblings not much details so the camera couldn't pick it up. I may go back in and do those in colored pencil so will post those too if I do. Anyhow, I found myself being a bit obsessive with this (!) but wanted to see what I could achieve just using pencil.


K said...

Yes! Nice drawings, Laura! I particularly love that lovely looping lace!
You know, you can probably improve the contrast in the edit feature of whatever photo program you have. It does take some experimenting . . .

Laura said...

Thank you Kathleen :D and so glad you like that lacing!! I drew that shoe from imagination cause I wanted to add some fun and interest to the page. And you know I did play around with the contrast / brightness etc. in Photoshop, but will do some more experimenting as you suggested.

Have a great weekend!


Serena Lewis said...

Lovely work, Laura! I remember having a pair of very high, wedge shoes in my younger years.....could barely walk in them but they were cool! lol

PS. - I find the Brightness set to -40 and the Contrast set to 20 usually does the trick for my scanned images in Paintshop Pro, however, I'm sure it would vary between scanners and graphics programs.

Laura said...

Hi Serena!! Thank you and yes some of those wedgies reach unbelievable heights don't they?! lol

Thanks too for the tip on scanning my pencil work. I think it may be that I'm using such a light touch and grade of pencil (I find the H range best for clean & detailed work) but unfortunately it doesn't show up well :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hey we are all going shoe crazy these days!! This is great; a nice collection and some great drawings. I like the raffia wedges - very nice. And wow! Is that 975 dollars?? Not pounds surely??!