Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2014!

Hello friends and Happy New Year - I hope you have been well and are looking forward to this brand new year filled with new dreams, hope and possibilities. Last year was a quirky one for me with short bursts of creativity but mostly it was filled with expanses of  no inspiration and more thinking than doing. I've always been a glass half-full person though and so managed to hang in there and wait it out.

So now.....on to inspiration! I love, LOVE the color Pantone selected as their color of the year, anyone with me on this? Such an upbeat color, it's impossible not to feel good looking at it. (btw the knitted coin purse with the felted pull is from Paper Source)

Wishing you all the best that 2014 has to offer, abundance in all areas of your life and a gentle reminder to not let setbacks derail you on your journey - sometimes they are blessings in disguise.

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Sandy K. said...

What a wonderfully vibrant color! It makes me want to start a project for the grandkids!