Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mixed media journaling class w/ Judy Wise

"My Perfect Day", paperbag journal, acrylics, pencil, pen, watercolor

My online class with Judy Wise started yesterday and WOW is all I have to say! Judy had us off and running right away with background work yesterday and then today a prompt to journal what our 'perfect day' would be. I really could have added a few more 'oh yeah' things to my list if I didn't have to sleep, lol. And let's not even go the 'dream day/ fantasy' route - that would be a separate spread altogether :)

I highly recommend this online avenue to anyone who has wanted to take a class with Judy but can't make it to any of the art retreats she teaches at. The group has a private place where they share their work on Facebook and Flickr so it keeps it nice + intimate not to mention the feedback and support - I recommend it for everyone from beginner to intermediate - and beyond. There's also a private link to view daily videos (peeking into her many journals was a visual treat!) her exclusive tips + tricks, tutorials and resources.

Keep checking back for more as I work through this class - journal on!


Unknown said...

Beautiful! I especially love the "visit the library" part. :)

Paper rainbow said...

Lovely Journal page. Thanks for the information about Judy Wise. I have her Plaster moulding book it's full of exciting ideas!