Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Watercolor Wednesdays - 'pickles'

8x8, ink, watercolor & digital

"Great - it's burger night!" muttered Jeanette as she walked into the kitchen and spied the note on the fridge. She knew what that meant - her mom would be plunking a big, heaping bowl of those gross, green things on their dinner table. Her two younger brothers love pickles. They also love nothing better than to wave them at her and bite into them making loud, crunching sounds. They know how much Jeanette HATES pickles!

Finally posted an illo over at Watercolor Wednesdays - it's been ages!! I'm actually one of the original members from way back when they first started up and we are hitting the 3 year mark in July, wow!

A lot of fun with this one - and it was no surprise to me that the subject ended up looking like my daughter when she was that age. She was /is much like this character: very opinionated and picky (although in her case she loves pickles!)

And again I found out how important it is to work on your bkgd right from the beginning instead of leaving it until the end. I love working on my characters and tend to do backgrounds as an afterthought. Of course with children's book illustration you have to be able to portray many different settings, emotions and actions so the reader can connect with the character(s) . All in all I feel like this was a good stretch for me, much more work needed however :>

Wishing you all a creative week!


studio lolo said...

Hi There!! I've been so spotty on the blogs lately, sorry.

The expression on her face is priceless! Just the face I would make if there was a pickle on my plate ;P

I hope you're enjoying the summer.♥

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I agree with Studio Lolo. The expression on her face is wonderful and priceless. How fabulous. I love the previous one as well. Great work. Thanks for stopping by.