Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Love ♥

Happy Monday all -- hope you hit the ground running today to get your week off to a great creative start!

My day was spent tying up loose ends on a project, one I mentioned awhile back. I'm honored to be a part of the book project shown below which is due for release soon:

More sharing:

Today's mail brought some huge inspiration to my studio! One is by the amazing & talented Misty Mawn and the other by a new to me illustrator - fashion illustrator Anna Kiper. I love how each book is unique & beautiful in their own way, reflecting each artist and their style...

First up Misty Mawn's book:

book images © Misty Mawn

You can really feel that Misty's heart & soul is present in her book and the surprise at the end [insert spoiler here] was icing on the mixed media cake for me - brava dear Misty!! I've always loved her fearless approach to art and messy is okay attitude. I was thrilled when I won a couple of her original paintings a few years ago from her online portrait class. Let me tell ya her book is going to be displayed right beside them when I set up the gallery wall in my studio. Now if I could just get her to sign my copy [hint hint ;]

book images © Misty Mawn

Next up, Anna Kiper, totally different in contrast - fashion & design influenced and a feast for my illustrator eyes & senses! Fabulous renderings, tips and ideas for any fashion /costume illustrator. My mind is swimming with ideas, I just need to stock up on some new supplies :) :)

book images © Anna Kiper

book images © Anna Kiper

All I have to say is SO much inspiration - SO little time! Oh well, we do the best we can right? Have a lovely inspired week!


Heather said...

oooh i love that fashion illustration book! Yes, so much inspiration and so little time, i totally agree with you!

I can't wait to the 100 illustrations book, too! have a great day!

Kris Reichart-Anderson said...

How do I order 100 Illustrations? Now,I am inspired.

Unknown said...

I just received the Anna Kiper one via Amazon today! (And some other goodies).

If you're interested, I'll be posting about some of my lovely art / illustration / sketchbooks each Tuesday this month at the Creative Collective.

Ana M.F. said...

they look very inspiring ♥
and that project of 100 ilustrations sounds great!