Monday, April 7, 2008

Illustration Friday - 'Save'

9x12 sketchbook, watercolor & ink

Just recently watched (finally) the entire movie of Ella Enchanted with my daughter and decided to open my everyday sketchbook and use it for this weeks' IF prompt for the word 'save'.

I was totally 'into' this movie. I can't explain why except maybe it's because I've always loved medieval costumes and romantic chivalry. The fact that she was put under a spell at birth to be obedient and hoped that someone would 'save' her from a lifetime of obedience may also be a factor. I was always the 'good girl' who did what I thought was expected of me (well most of the time!) and what I felt everyone wanted of me. I've come a long way with that sort of thinking..... :)

Although it didn't get great reviews and apparently is way off from the original book, my daughter & and I found it whimsical and charming. It also had a great 'moral to the story' ending -- Ella realizes she had the power to 'save' herself, that the strength she needed was inside of her all along. Hmmm....

Here's to a great week!


emilayusof said...

Hi Laura! This is so beautiful! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the journal page - the costumes are so beautiful, and the necklace is wonderflly intricate. i also like the way you used the movie as a jumping off point for a powerful idea... the concept that we are responsible for saving ourselves. It's a simple idea that's hard to accept sometimes!

Susan Tuttle said...

This is an amazing post Laura - I also used to do what was expected of me or what I thought others wanted - it took some life-altering events to wake me up - I am so grateful for them. It is so true - the strength is within us - like when the good witch said to Dorothy, "You had it all along my had it all along."

Thank you my dear friend for your sweet comment - it meant so much.


Susan Tuttle said...

Beautiful work! I love your illustration style!