Sunday, August 26, 2007

Self-portrait challenge - Pattern IV

My very first self-portrait challenge! Finally submitting for the pattern challenge even though it's in the last week. It took a lot of self-coaxing to do this, even though I'm really getting into photography and snapping pics of everyone and everything around me, I don't like ones with me in them, never mind ones that feature me in any way. It's kind of hard to explain I guess :)

I've been attracted to patterns all my life, nature and manmade. I'm fascinated with them - the play of light and shadow, the positive & negative spaces they create, the repetitiveness and all the many, wonderful shapes.

Finding a pattern that I was drawn to for this challenge wasn't hard, I'm out here most days in the summer months. I loved the depth created here from the shadows of the lattice diamonds against the pattern of the patio blocks

Since I started journalling my self-discovery through art this year, I've also come to realize that my life has been a series of patterns too - both positive and negative. I'm embracing the positive ones, and working on eliminating the negative ones.


LINDSAY said...

Love your shadow portrait!

K said...

OK, this is cool, this is a good starting point, Laura! I took some shadow portraits of myself, but I didn't like them enough to post them. Yours is really cute! Yes, you have a cute shadow! Keep it up!