Monday, August 6, 2007

Muse Monday: week one

Thanks again everyone for your wonderful support and welcome to my first Muse Monday! As I mentioned in my previous post, I hope to inspire and inform with this project. Since downsizing my stationery/invitation business last year, I really can't justify taking up the whole front of our home anymore. We all miss the space and hanging out in there together. The trade-off is that the new space, currently the tv/spare room, will finally get a much needed facelift and I'll also get a door :)

At this point I'm gleaning ideas, packing, sorting, purging - basically getting things in order in my present space. The real work (read: blood, sweat & tears) hasn't started yet. Well maybe a little as we started on the floor of the new space by ripping out the carpets over the weekend. There were 2 'lovely' ones over the hardwood floors, which we also discovered had been painted - twice - so it's going to need some refinishing too.

My muse discovery today: pics of the floor make a great background for use in Photoshop.

I've read some good reviews on this book "Where Women Create: Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women" by Jo PackHam so went ahead and ordered it. It features over 20 artists' creative spaces with fields ranging from papers crafts to gardening. If nothing else, I'll be hugely inspired (the title alone is empowering) and have a beautiful reference to spur me on when things are moving slow.

With regards to resources, I've been searching everywhere out there for any and all ideas but most involved heavy duty remodelling, organizing closet space (which in my circa 1940 home is almost non-existant!) and/or were for setting up spaces specifically for one thing or the other. I have sooo many mediums that I'm into that I need to devise a multi-tasking room where numerous projects can be accommodated as each particular muse visits. Each medium will also need its' own storage system that's fairly contained but easy to rotate out at whim. And so again, I need to reinvent the wheel :)

We're also contemplating a move in the next year, so that means I need to come up with workable storage ideas that can also go with me. That said, I don't want to alter the structure of the original space too much for resale reasons. I am however going to utilize the built-in bookcase in this room as much as possible and want to take out the existing window and put in a larger one to allow more natural light into this north-facing room. I also want better task lighting and a flat storage area for large sheets of papers and to store prints. Not everything works out though so have to remember to be flexible and keep it real. Which brought about the subject of budget recently with my 'contractor' and I said, "what's that?" *huge grin*

See you next Muse Monday!


Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Laura,
The transformation to your home is underway!--so exciting as you redefine your studio space!! Let me know how that book is.

Thank you so much for your feedback on my blog--I so greatly appreciate it. I've been on a creative whirlwind--something's in the air. I just put up more Paris pics and have a new digi piece to put up tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing how your space unfolds.


emilayusof said...

Hi Laura! The floor pic is great!

mrana said...

It all sounds so exciting! And that book sounds good too, I am going to have to check it out.

laurel said...

Thanks for your comment on my watercolor! Love your picture for a background idea. Now I'll have to start looking down more when I take pictures. I bet your new room will look great when done. I recently turned my dining room into my scrapbook room. It looked great until I started doing projects. ;-) Hope yours turns out the way you want it. Happy decorating.