Friday, March 4, 2011

"Creativity is an act of faith." -- Julia Cameron


I hope you are heading into the weekend with some great creative things planned - or not - if that's what you choose to do :>

I just got the book above today and am SO looking forward to digging in & committing myself to what's involved (there's even a contract to sign). I had heard of Julia Cameron's books years ago and didn't know I could get them all in one publication (The Artist's Way, Walking in this World & Finding Water) so was very happy to discover it!

I think I really need to do this right now. Not sure if I shared with y'all that I ended up not sending in my Sketchbook Project journal - I know right? I wouldn't feel authentic and true to myself and my visitors (which is one of the things I wanted for this blog - to be authentic while sharing) if I didn't let you know so yeah, there it is. Why didn't I send it in? Well a few reasons, some I can articulate and some I can't....

I'd love to hear your experiences/thoughts on these books. I remember coming across a few online groups with members working together through 'The Artist's Way' a few years ago. I actually signed up for one of them and almost ordered the book but decided not to and dropped out...I knew I wasn't able to do the work & place a commitment to it at that time...

Okay, so now I need to get busy, sort of. What are you committing to today - tomorrow? next week??

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Kris Reichart-Anderson said...

Laura, would you like to work through it together? I think it's a fabulous book.