Monday, February 28, 2011

Illustration Fri. - 'swarm'

Busy as a bee this week (sorry couldn't resist) but decided to do a quick post for IF's word this week: 'swarm'. I've got my daughter's upcoming b-day on my plate this week (and no way would I be able to get her into a dress like this for her sweet sixteen, even though the sketch was inspired by her - we're going with a 'preppy-goth' theme for the premiere of the movie "Beastly" this weekend)

Anyhow, a few other projects floating around and still [re]vamping up my studio, so when the dust settles, I'll try to update y'all...

Have a creative week friends!


studio lolo said...

happy birthday to your baby girl!!

I remember bee hive hair-dos!

I don't understand the goth look. But then again my parents didn't get the hippy thing!!

Happy Tuesday ♥

Sandy K. said...

My first thought was the "bee-hive" hair-do of long ago. Very cute drawing...humor and style:).

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I have that book it wonderful!!! It was a blessing to me. Great book to have around really. Love what you have done to the blog. The sketches are beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping. Hope all is well with you.

Unknown said...

I hope Sarah had a wonderful birthday! I hate that I couldn't make it. I was already back in AL. Anyway, I love the sketch! I always love your work. I hope all is well your way. Can't wait to get together again and catch up. Much love! :)