Sunday, July 26, 2009

Winding down...

"know that even on our darkest nights

sisters are there for us lighting the way
like moonlight and stars" - LTM

As the weekend started to wind down I found some time to finish that journal spread I started the other day. It was inspired by the Somerset article "Let's Face It" featuring DJ Pettitt. I love her style which she so generously steps out in the article to show how she creates a piece.

I Iike how this turned out even though it's a bit somber & wintery for this time of year. Maybe it's because nighttime seems to be the only part of the day where I'm able to collect my thoughts as things cool down - the weather's been blazing hot here....

Also I've been thinking a lot about sisters, all the different ones we have in our lives. Our blood/family sisters, art sisters, blog sisters, soul sisters and friends who are like sisters (maybe you're lucky enough to have a sister that's all these rolled into one amazing sister!) The ones we open our hearts & homes to, the ones we bravely bare our souls to, the ones with whom we laugh, cry and dream with... I cherish all the sisters in my life...

Love the moodiness of this song the way, have you celebrated the sisters in your life lately?


Regina said...

this is beautiful.
I'm blessed to have 5 sisters and many other sisters of the heart.

studio lolo said...

I've watched you grow since we'started blogging.You grown in so many ways. This is a lovely piece.

I hope to find my speakers soon so that I may listen to the music you've chosen.

I love my flesh and blood sisters as well as my art and soul sisters ;)


Susan Tuttle said...

Gorgeous my dear friend:) DJ is an amazing gal, isn't she?

Your banner looks awesome!

Hope you are enjoying summer -- it's the perfect season for reveling in what we love:) -- don't you think?


valerie walsh said...

This is soooooooo beautiful Laura!