Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Projects and feeling 'Fall-ish'

I've been in my studio a lot these past few weeks and started painting on my birch panels, trying not to think so much about an end product as much as enjoying the PROCESS. I've also tried to keep an open mind at what's 'coming at me' as far as ideas & inspiration. As I mentioned to another artist blogger recently, I've been finding tiny, white feathers around our apartment -- we don't have any birds & the only birds around here are all black so not sure what that's about :> I've also found some books to research my lifelong interest in angel/iconic art and folk art, as well as my newfound interest in Mexican & Spanish influenced art which I've been immersing myself in since moving to the Southwest.

This was a WIP until today when after being stuck on the background surrounding her (which is a good reminder for me to include the bkgd in as I work on the main subject so I'm not stuck at the end wondering how to tie it in!) I experienced a breakthrough and decided that less is more and finished the piece with some simple folk art motifs which are my own handcut designs.

'Guardian Angel' mixed media folk art, 12x12 birch plywood panel

I've decided with this series on wood panels, that the originals will not be for sale until I complete all 6-8 of them, but I am going to put up some prints and other items for this design. I think it would make a great holiday card and paired with some of the wonderful accessories in my Zazzle shop, a great gift idea too especially with Christmas coming up :>

I'm finally starting to feel that Fall is officially here in Southwest Texas (finally) although it is nothing like the ones we had back in Michigan where there was a riot of color and a wonderful, crunch & crispness to the air. Ah well, such is life, we must go with the flow for resisting usually involves quite a lot of energy which is better spent filling our creative well.

With that said, I'll wish you a Happy Fall and whatever season you find yourself in right now, may it feed your SOUL and nuture your SPIRIT.


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hey Laura,
Thanks so much for the beautiful birthday wish!!!! I really truly appreciate it! You made my morning! You are so very kind. THE GUARDIAN ANGEL is just Prefect, and Flawless! I love her. The rich reds are so yummy and tasty. I am always so inspired by your works and how you share the process. So many illustrators and artist are afraid to show this or even talk about beacuse of course they are afraid that they maybe copied or something. When you share as you have, it comes right back to you in so many good ways. I'm sending you well wishes today. Thanks again Laura. Your a blessing to this artist!

Susan Tuttle said...

Hi Laura!
The magic of those little white feathers that you are finding all around your house is definitely finding its way into your art -- how incredibly, magically serendipitous! I adore these pieces -- especially the hues of pink in her dress -- illuminating!

Enjoy the Fall!


Debbie Egizio said...

She is so beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest in the series.