Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Muse Monday: week eight - SNEAK PEEK

Okay so this is just a sneak peek into my new space as I'm still getting organized & moving in. I'm really taking my time sorting through everything because there was just SO much of it. I didn't realize how much stuff (read: crap lol) I had accumulated running my stationery biz!!

Below is a pic of the newly restored floors gleaming and gorgeous. This room has original pine plank flooring while the rest of the main floor level is hardwood. I love wood floors and actually we only have a few areas in the house with carpeting. When we found out how bad they were for the allergy-prone, we got rid of most of them and experienced an immediate improvement in the air we were breathing!

And.... TA-DAH! Here is one of my corners, a standard white bookcase housing assorted organizers and 'schtuff' :) The kraft colored square boxes and white magazine holders are from IKEA. The square boxes are so cool - they fit file folders perfectly so I can now finally organize magazine pages that I rip out (of the ones I don't keep, I have a serious collection and didn't realize how many I had until this move!) for inspiration and to organize all of my collage bits & pieces by color, theme, size - when I'm looking for something in particular it will be right there, no sifting through piles of stuff to find what I want - organized BLISS!

And although they are nice & neutral, those kraft colored items are begging for some color/pattern so I need to do some serious painting and papering on those - just need to pick out some colors & get busy!

I'm also going to do something decorative with my initials. I love typography & monograms and have seen these letters in different fonts, made from wood or paper mache and either painted & collaged, ribbons & tags added etc. Hmmm.....ideas are already brewing :)

Next week I'll have more pics and will hopefully be able to show you my pegboard project: I still need to pick a spot in the room to install it! Stay tuned...


Susan Tuttle said...

Ooohs and ahhhs!! It looks so clean, crisp, organized and peaceful. I want to see more!!!

I love your new banner!


LINDSAY said...

Ah! Isn't nice right after you've organized everything. It allows you to work so much faster! Thanks for stopping by my blog--The weather here is wet & cold. From 90 one day to 55 the next, strange things are happening around here. My neighbor informed me that the farmer's almanac, which he promises is usually correct, is forcasting up to 90 inches of snow this winter! YIKES!

Anonymous said...

Off to a great start!!!
This is looking wonderful!