Monday, October 15, 2007

Almost there...

When I think I'm almost there, a quick scan of the horizon tells me I still have so very far to you feel like that sometimes? This past week has been another incredibly busy one, but tasks are finally getting crossed off my list and the ground is starting to solidify under my feet again - for the first time in months.

Pegboard is now installed over my worktable, yay! I'm still tracking down display/storage shelves for it, seems like they still think these boards are only for guys and garages, lol. I think pegboards are coming into their own; I'm starting to see them being used all over the place as functional, cool, quick and easy solutions for having everything at your fingertips - from creating to cooking.

It started out white but I painted it the same buttery color as my walls so it would give a more unified look to the room. The boards come in 4x8 lengths, I had mine cut so it would measure 4x5, so I have an extra piece 4x3 that I'm thinking of using in the closet. You'll need a level, furring strips (we used 4 and cut them just shy of 4 feet so they'd be a bit smaller than the pegboard) and screws to install it. And you'll need to make sure the strips are secured into wall studs for stability.

My mood/inspiration board was the first thing to go up and I know I'm going to get a lot of use from it - I love how I can just change it out whenever I feel like it, no big commitment or decorating decisions to make! :) I'm still in Autumn mode but Hallowe'en is coming up quickly and I've always been inspired by the festive colors and magic of it. As I sifted through more boxes I had tucked away, I pulled out a few things and tacked them up...

PRETTY & PRACTICAL STORAGE IDEA Also on my desk below my mood board, you can see the top of a yellow, metal planter box with file folders in it. It was never actually used for plants - instead I used it to house files of current clients (at the moment it's been taken over w/tearouts & paper bits that need to be filed in those wonderful IKEA boxes!) It's a great way to keep your projects in sight and easy to add to or change something out quickly. I always keep digital files of clients too but this is a great 'powers out' backup for information.

Below is a Hallowe'en banner I just finished - I've seen various ones in decorating & arts/crafts magazines and have wanted to make one for awhile now. I think it makes a nice, whimsical topper for my pegboard so will be making other seasonal / holiday ones. I used vintage book papers, textured cardstock, cupcake liners, buttons, ribbons, stencils and black glitter. I totally winged it on this one as I didn't follow any instructions or use templates, although I'm sure there are some out there. The great thing was that everything was on hand to make it which also amazes me because I honestly did not realize how many craft supplies & paper goodies I had until recently.

The close-up shows the wonderful texture of the orange cardstock and also the sparkly glitter - which as you probably know goes everywhere!! Special tip for clean up: I take strips of packing tape and wrap a few strands around my hands then move them all over my table, it really seems to pick most of it up. However, this is in reference to regular craft glitter, you may want to handle fine German glass glitter differently.

More pics soon - promise! Have a GREAT week.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the picture frame....the pegboard might work for me too... my craft space is a mess so l'll be back!!!!!