Monday, August 20, 2007

Muse Monday: week three

Project this past weekend: make a chandelier - my version of one - using only the supplies I found going through another shelf of stuff. I've seen many beautiful (read: pricey) vintage chandeliers out there and even
some cool, painted & funky redos that are moderately priced, but wanted to see if I could make my own with what I had on hand.

My Muse discovery: The spark-le for this project was opening a dusty box that held the light fixture and immediately after it, the glass beads and pendants delicately wrapped in white tissue. It was most definitely an 'aha' moment!

This project was under $20 - the glass beads and pendants were still in pkgs and all were purchased on sale, the fixture was bought at a flea market about 7 years ago. I modified it a bit by turning the 'arms' up so the glass beads and pendants would drape nicely. The ivory satin paint was the only item recently purchased after an attempt with the white Krylon one didn't pan out - it was a mess too work with, drips, watery etc. so it may have sat around too long, ended up being a good primer though!

Here's an approx. price breakdown so far:

light fixture (flea market) - $3.00
glass bicone crackle beads (craft store) - 1.29 per strand x 4 = $5.16
large crystals (craft store) 1.25 each x 4= $5.00
Krylon Satin-finish paint - $3.49
monofilament string, 60 lb. (varies)
small piece of superfine grit sandpaper (optional)
TOTAL= $16.65

I distressed parts of it using a light touch with superfine sandpaper and still need to get some flametip bulbs. I love how it turned out for the most part. Will it actually work and provide light? I have no idea! Does it really matter to me? No - that's what boring task lighting is for! I do know that it will add just the right touch of whimsy, sparkle and shabbiness to my space - no electricity needed :)

Next step: I want to add more strands of colored glass beads around and over where the beads are attached to add a 'dripping' effect and also to cover up the monofilament.
I'd like to pick out a color of the room for that - the fabric swatches I laid it on have colors & patterns that I'd consider. I love gingham & florals together but have been resisting doing too much shabby. After placing the chandelier on a cake stand, (yes it's tiny) adding some fresh roses from my garden and then wrapping a silk mini-rose garland around it, I found myself reconsidering :)

See you next Muse Monday!


carla said...

That is way cool! What a fabulous transformation!

K said...

Number one, I love your fabric choices; number two, the roses look lovely with the fabric and the chandelier (but maybe you should reserve those for bouquets aroubd the room). What a super job you have done, Laura! I don't think I would ever have tackled such a project.

Susan Tuttle said...

OMG!!!--this is fabulous!!!! An artist and electrician extraordinaire!!!