Monday, June 2, 2014

Paint Party Friday

A quick offering for Paint Party Friday - late to the party again, bless all of you who find/ make / have the time to make your art & get it posted on Friday! :)

This page went through more transformations than you can believe (yuck). I thought if I wiped it out one more time with gesso I'd just rip it out -seriously, and only because there was nothing on the other side.

The flowers outside my window were my inspiration for the fantasy ones here so I painted a few stems, collaged some handpainted paper leaves and flower heads with found  papers. A bit of pen work and vintage book text "serenely confidant" finished the page.

Yes -flowers are definitely "serenely confident", blooming alongside all the others, each one unique and confident.  I hope this inspires you to push through when you're 'stuck'.


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