Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear Blog - it's been awhile

i'm  still  here . . .

hello again. thank you for coming back to visit dear reader.
i was away much longer than i anticipated. i've missed this blog and all of you.
i hope you are well.

"It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses,

we have to plant more trees."
-- George Eliot

sunflowers', acrylic on canvas, 16x16

“We should all have personal hot air balloons and drift serenely through the clouds.”

-- Rhys Bowen, In a Gilded Cage

On the subject of 'drift', I came across an article recently by Gretchen Rubin, author & founder of The Happiness Project - it really struck a chord with me. For many months I've felt a drift attitude about my art & life. She had a short checklist in the article and to my surprise I found myself checking off at least 2 of the statements.

I think from time to time we all need to dust off our inner compass and find our way again by asking ourselves questions like:

"What do I want?"
"What do I really like to do?"
"What grabs my attention, gives me a sense of purpose, fills my passion-well?"

I hope to stay on course with the projects I've started recently, to show up here more often & to get around to visit you soon.

Until next time....

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Heather B. said...

Glad you're back, Laura!