Monday, April 30, 2012

Illustr. Fri. & Paint Party Friday

handmade journal, mixed media

Another one in my longstitch journal for IF's word this week 'jump' and for PPF. I started this spread about 2 weeks ago for that online journaling class with Judy Wise but just got around to finishing it (!)

This assignment was dedicated to our hands. After tracing and painting my hands, I wasn't feeling very wordy (I never do in these visual journals) and simply stamped the word JOY, then a few 'messages' followed as I continued working the's always a surprise when I play in my journals because I try not to have a plan or any 'art' expectations, unlike when I work on canvas or board. That's the real beauty of art journaling for me - the unexpected serendipity :>

Have an inspiring week!


Wilme said...

This is beautiful! Loved the message too :)

roberto M. said...

Hi Laura, good job

sjor said...

Very nice! :-)

Giggles said...

Nice one!! Inspirational!! Good idea to have a painting of ones hands..

Hugs Giggles

kristin maynes said...

I love how your hands turned out! The letters are adorable also. Your work is always lovely!