Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year & Illus. Fri -'highlight'

(click for closer view)

12x12, watercolor, pen, colored pencil

Happy New Year!

We were blessed with mild weather and abundant sunshine today so I was able to finish an illo in our sunroom to submit for Illustration Friday. I received an amazing book for Christmas (among others, which I'll share with you soon) and I absolutely love it! Kudos to artist & author of Personal Geographies - Exploration in Mixed Media Mapmaking, Jill K. Berry for putting this book together! I've always loved anything to do with maps and can't wait to try out more of the projects in the book....

This illo is a combination of reflecting on the past year and IF's word this week 'highlight'. I knew immediately what the theme for my first map would be, to 'highlight' memories of travel, events or just plain everyday life that seemed to be my focus each month last year.

I imagined each month as an island, shaped like the first letter of that month with symbols representing the event or thoughts & feelings I experienced. I had so much fun with this (and actually didn't realize how much I travelled last year!) I highly recommend doing one of your own - what theme would show up on your map?

Because it's a brand new year, I think my next one will focus on wishes, dreams and artistic goals for 2012 - a possibility map - because last year didn't give me much time to devote to my art like I wanted to. How about you, what will you be focusing on in 2012?

May the new year bless us all with happiness, health, grace and abundant creativity! <3


Jill Berry said...

I love this Laura! I think I will do a possibilities map for 2012. I expect it to be a very full and interesting year for both of us.

Congrats on your illo for TD&C. That was a fabulous project!

Janet said...

What a lovely idea. Your map looks enticing

Sylvia Liu said...

This is a really great idea - personal map of your life. And a very nice illo too!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

What a great idea! So clever and well done :) Happy 2012!

Sasa Saastamoinen said...

Love the feeling of adventure!