Sunday, January 2, 2011

Illustration Fri. - 'resolutions'

My offering for IF's 'resolutions' - a new year (and decade) is now upon us. Yay!

As some of you know - and also believe as I do - making New Years 'resolutions' has never worked for me very well. I prefer to use images, colors, and words/quotes instead as a springboard to leap into a new year and stay focused. Each new year, I start a fresh inspiration or vision board, if you will, and set it up in my studio where I can see it everyday. I'm so happy that a friend was inspired recently to share this 'ritual' of mine with others, (remember to keep an open spot on your board Vanessa, it lets the Universe know that you're open to receiving)

As I reflect on 2010, I realize there were a lot of stops and starts in my life, art & productivity along the way - why? Well, for one, my path was sprinkled with personal ups & downs such as moving (again? geesh) indecision about where I wanted to focus my energy and a multitude of questions about government /global economy and local issues....

Thanks to the wonderful support of family, friends as well as my blogging friends - yes you - and the online communities I belong to, I managed to stayed inspired, keep moving forward and not give up. I am so truly grateful for y'all.

I started working on my board over the weekend, gathering things that I was drawn to for whatever reason. My colors this year are turquoise and purple as I've been feeling a pull towards that color combination for the last month or so. My intuition was confirmed for me after receiving a necklace w/ turquoise & purple beads and a beautiful cross pendant for Christmas. I know the cross will help remind me to keep faith in my heart. I tried to capture it in my sketch above, but truly in person it is just so 'lovely'....

Which brings me to something I'm also going to do a little differently this year. Instead of my one mantra word for the whole year, I'm going to focus on a new one each month. The sands of time are always moving and shifting so I'm hoping these 'one tiny words' can help me grow, breathe deeper and help me find what I want (and maybe didn't know I needed)

What would your 'one tiny words' be?

Dream it, believe it, do it - the Universe will step up to the plate with you when you wanna knock that ball out of the park.

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” -- Goethe

Here's to all of us having a wonderfully creative, focused and abundant year. As for me....I'm off to find my stadium, I hope you find yours too :>


studio lolo said...

beautiful drawing, gift and reflections on the year.

I was inspired by another blogger on my side bar (four rooms) when she said she was going to start "doing." Not just talking about it or watching others "do." So, that's her word for the year:doing. I like that.

As for me, I have neglected myself for far too long. No one wold know it because I hide it well. But my health and art have suffered this past year as well as my spirit. (Yes, this darn move!)
So my goal is to put myself first which will be very hard to do because I am immensely giving. But my well is dry. I won't be able to be there for anyone if I don't start showing up for myself. So I'll practice loving kindness towards myself and work on this self-esteem thing. I won't change how I am towards others, but I know they'll feel better when they see the changes in me.

So far I've shown up and I'm cranking out creative energy! And I finally have hope that I can pull this off and see it through. It's time.

Best of everything to you in the new year. I feel like it's going to be magnificent!

Oh, and I love your color choices. I may eventually stop painting so many blues, but I do resonate with those colors.
Pantine's color of the year is "honeysuckle." A very warm, coralpink. Lovely. Let's see what I can do with that!


Juan said...

Very nice drawing.
Happy New Year!