Sunday, June 13, 2010

'surfer girl' 10x10, gallery wrapped canvas, oil

Packing up things this weekend as we're moving in a few weeks and decided to dig out some oil paints and revisit/rescue an abandoned canvas I found in a box. I tried these oils out when I first got them but never put them to canvas. They're Winsor & Newton water-soluable oils and a great choice for anyone with a home studio.

I'm not crazy about this piece....yet. Not sure what it needs [from me] but I do know that I love working with these oils. The clean-up is easy, they're low odor and you can keep moving a piece around until it sets, which varies depending on your humidity level as the paints cure thru oxidation.

Will post this piece again when it's finished -- stay tuned for updates on my new Etsy shop!! :)


studio lolo said...

very pensive expression. I'd love to see it finished.

You're moving again so soon? It seems like you just moved to texas. Will you moving out of state?

I'm still not settled from our move nearly a year ago now.

I wish you the best.♥

Sierra said...

All of your paintings are just beautiful, I looked below at your journal and calendar pieces and they made me happy. :)