Monday, January 25, 2010

kraft paper journal, 8x10

My latest sketch for Misty Mawn's online class: Drawing & Painting Portraits. I tried some painting over the weekend, blecckk is all I have to say..... I think I will just stay with dry media for awhile, I really don't think I'm destined to have my best work in paints :>

Actually that was one of the reasons I stopped working at it so much last fall, it was frustating at best sometimes and with the way I was feeling physically (I've shared a bit of that here with you) it felt like a chore and yes - like work - to go into my studio and try to create, everything felt like a repeat of the previous piece and the joy of making art just wasn't there.

How do you get past personal blocks in your life, creative or otherwise? I believe it comes from a place that no one can take us to but ourselves...

"We fail to see that we can control our destiny;
make ourselves do whatever is possible;
make ourselves become whatever we long to be."
-- Orison Swett Marden

Hope your week shapes up beautifully, and as always - be well...


Regina said...

this is quite lovely. I understand the frustration with trying to use wet media for faces. It is very different from sketching. I've been trying to teach myself off & on for over a year. There are some good books that are helpful. And then there is just plain old

Jennifer White said...

This one is caught emotion dead on! Look at those eyes! I know what you mean about painting faces, it definitely takes a lot of patience...of which I generally don't have too often ;-)

Creative blocks... great question. I find too often that the little voice in my head that keeps me from creating at times really needs a lot of attention from me. (not sure that makes sense, hopefully you get what I mean). My mantra for this is 'what's the worst that can happen' --- no one will see my mistakes, my not-so-good ideas, so why not just BEGIN without thought. This is what I try to do in order to just keep myself going.