Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WIP Update

11x14, canvas board

Here's an update on that WIP - yes it looks totally different. What started out as adding texture and depth to the background ended up changing the whole look & mood of this piece.......sigh. It feels overworked now and not at all like what I was going for. This happens a lot if I leave something and come back to it in a few days - my mood has changed by then, I'm usually listening to different music.....blah blah blah.

This year one of my goals is working on having a more loose relaxed style with a more 'painterly' feel and trying to avoid a tight 'stylized' look. The detailed illustrator in me however, wants to go in and tighten things up all the time!!! Frustrating at best........jumping back in may be the only way to salvage this. I might try something different and go over everything with oils (fat over lean). I have some new Winsor & Newton watersoluble paints that I got for Christmas and now seems like a good time to break them in :>

Anyhow, I think Jill Badonsky pens it best below (have you heard of her, you must check out her website - so inspiring, love her intro page!)

"We must be willing to fall flat on our faces. Fearlessly putting ourselves out there is simply a required part of the process. At the very least, it results in the gift of humility and, at best, the triumph of our human spirit." (Jill Badonsky - The Muse is In)


studio lolo said...

Actually, I really like it. Maybe you could do a light wash (glaze) over the background and finish the woman with more saturated colors so she stands out. You can still get layers and textures in there to make it more "painterly."
I love her pensive.

Don't paint over this!

Susan Tuttle said...

hi sweetie,
don't let your piece go -- i am willing to bet it has the potential to turn into one of your favorites.

big hugs,

the wild raspberry said...

what a wonderful quote!
thanks for sharing.