Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Week of Color, Day 7: 'Blue'

affirmations journal - 'breathe'

Breathing is second nature to us.....deep breathing and being conscious of every breath we take however is something that you learn to be aware of. Yoga or meditation are 2 great ways to practice good, efficient breathing - not that shallow stuff that most of us do, I'm talking deep-from-the-belly kind of breathing that raises your chest and expands your lungs. It takes some practice at first but it's worth.....every breath.

Thanks to everyone who followed along on my Week of COLOR Journaling with Misty Mawn. I hope I've inspired you to get out your journal or go get a new one if yours are all filled (good for you if they are!) and explore your beautiful, creative self.....and oh yes, don't forget to BREATHE :>


Regina said...

Your color entries are very lovely. I think yellow may be my favorite, but this shade of blue with all the circles is so yummy.
Thanks for your encouraging comments.

studio lolo said...

awww, sorry to see this series end :(

Blue is my favorite color. What a nice piece and calming thought to go out on!

Tina said...

Hey thanks for stopping by. Love all your paintings. The clors are so vivid. I had a really good time with the color challenge with Misty - she rocks. I am starting on this weeks embellishments challenge. Come back tomorrow and see my finished piece - I will visit you again to and see what you come up with.

Susan Tuttle said...

deep belly breathing -- ahh -- you have me back in yoga class -- the best way to be.

thank you dear heart for your sweet, sweet comments!

Miss you!:)