Friday, January 9, 2009

January Art Journalers - Jan. 8th

1. sketch only - I was going to just leave it at this but paint was calling out to me :>

2. in full - scanning didn't capture the sketch well, so I snapped a shot of it...

3. closeup - texture & depth (love that blue painters tape!)

I have to say overall this was a difficult challenge Misty! (but I want to thank you for that - yours was just the push I needed to try this) I've been sketching from my imagination so to capture realilty, (mine no less) was a real breakthrough, I need to get back to doing life sketches. The resistance I went through for this one was unbelievable, I don't think I;ve looked at my own face that close in a long time. As well, it was very hard to be objective, I kept scrutinizing lines & wrinkles, imperfections - bleck!! lol Once I started looking at myself as a portrait 'subject', I was a bit gentler and started seeing some features that I actually liked :>

Thanks again Misty, I can't wait for your next challenge! To see more January Art Journalers, go here.

By the way, I have a GIVEAWAY going on right now, it ends next Wed. Jan. 14th. You can read some wonderfully positive & inspiring affirmations, then leave a comment & add yours to the list to enter HERE. Good Luck!!


K said...

Yay, Laura!! So glad you tackled the self-portrait challenge! I need to try another one soon, too! Yours is great, very delicate and insightful. It's really wonderful! :))

studio lolo said...

This is wonderful! I wish I'd paid more attention to this challenge and the color one. I would have done them :(