Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blog Giveaway Mentions

The Holiday Spirit is alive and well in blogland these days! I'm amazed at all the wonderful artists out there who are 'sharing the love' and hosting some fabulous giveaways of their work!

First up is Susan Tuttle who's giving away a copy of her book shown below - Exhibition 36 Mixed-Media Demonstrations + Explorations which is now available for purchase through Amazon. I was lucky enough to finally meet this dear and beautiful soul in August and can't wait till we meet again :> Anyhow, do pick up a copy of this extraordinary book as a gift to yourself or for an artist friend or relative for Christmas, this book is sure to INSPIRE!!!
Next up is Catherine Holman whose blog I stumbled on the other day. She is an accomplished Folk Art painter who sells her work through Ebay as well as Etsy and showcases her work so beautifully on her blog. I just love her style which can only be described as charming, whimsical and inspiring! She's giving away this painting and I sure hope I'm lucky enough to have this piece grace the walls in my studio:

photo copyright Catherine Holman

Anyhow I do have a few other giveaway links to point out and will be adding them as soon as possible so check back soon!

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Catherine Holman said...

Laura, Thanks for the link and good luck! You now have four chances to win.
Merry Christmas,