Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Inspire Me Thursday - 'Polka Dots'

A little late getting this in but thought I'd share it anyhow. I've been working on a portfolio of surface design work from my doodles as I've always loved patterns & whimsical design. Polka Dots are one of the most versatile design patterns don't you think? One of my recent creations just happens to have Polka Dots in it. I've created it in a few different color combos, this one being pink & green.

I also mocked up a greeting card in the pink & green version which I'll be posting in my Zazzle shop very soon. I think it would be a wonderful inspirational pick-me-upper card for anyone experiencing a little "rain" in their life :>

inside: 'So walk boldly and carry a BIG umbrella!'



very sweet indeed....

Rowena said...

polka dots, rain drops, little girls in boots.

very cheery, I especially like the pattern it makes.