Friday, January 11, 2008


colored pencil, moleskine

Do you daydream? Do you find yourself daydreaming much lately? I find that I tend to daydream more when I'm introspective & need to sort things out. However, lately it seems to stem from all the ideas and sparks of inspiration I've been experiencing!

Almost everyone does it naturally and psychologists estimate that we daydream 1/3 to 1/2 of our waking hours, although a single daydream lasts only a few minutes. Because our society today tends to focus on 'getting things done', daydreaming is viewed in a somewhat negative light. To some it may seem frivolous, indulgent or that of someone who is unproductive, but it's actually quite beneficial.

It's been known to help you:
1. Relax
2. Manage conflict
3. Maintain relationships
4. Boost productivity
5. Cement your beliefs and values
6. Boost creativity and achieve goals
7. Relieve boredom

(Source: Article -'Why Does Daydreaming Get Such a Bad Rap?')

So remember to indulge in daydreams - you just never know where they can take you!


jess said...

Good advice!

Olga said...

Dear Laura...
Very important to daydream in order to keep alive!!! It is a good subject to write about. What do YOU daydream about?

gkgirl said...

i think that i daydream
much more than i even realize.

and love the drawing...

Susan Tuttle said...

Good to know that all these positive things result from day dreaming--that song "Daydream Believer"--they wrote that about me!!

Book is going well--in the homestretch--thanks for asking my friend!


Anonymous said...

Your illustrations are beautiful and charming!

Thank you for sharing the list of positives about daydreaming. I engage in it often but usually think of it as something negative. Now I have a new perspective to consider.


emilayusof said...

Beautiful illo!! I daydream a lot!

Sherry Pierce Thurner said...

You mean daydreaming is a good thing?! LOL, that's a relief! Your illustrations are charming - wow, I got lost in the way you did the wooden floorboards under the toe shoes. Last night I went to a program about Mary Englebreit. Your ballerina reminds me of her style a little.