Thursday, September 13, 2007

Inspire Me Thursday - Limited Palette

Under the wire for this one! Busy week and renovations are in full swing for my new space so things are quite a mess here, so hard finding everything I need for a project and then trying to keep it all organized when putting it back! To stay motivated, I've been sticking with simple pencil sketching and the computer [read: no mess] :)

About this piece & the limited palette I chose: photos are all my own. I was going for a mock view looking out our front window [blinds] at our plum tree, which is beautifully full with fruit in luscious shades of golden yellow, apricot and peachy-pink. For the marigold flower photo, I imagined it as a postcard that was fluttering in the fall winds, slipping in through the open blinds. The leaves were created from a real maple leaf that I had pressed earlier this summer and scanned in/manipulated.

digital collage, photoshop

fall is a fragile beauty

dressed in her colorful cloak fall sways
to a melancholy tune
as she pirouettes on nature's dancefloor
a bittersweet feeling
washes over her
for she knows winter's cold icy blue embrace
will soon beckon her
the crimson and orange embers burning inside
will slowly smoulder
to ashen grey
as she succumbs to a crystalized kiss
that brings with it
a one year slumber.

-- laura taylor mark © 2007


Patricia J. Mosca said...

Yummy enough to pick and eat right off the vine...GREAT poem...Ah fall...

carla said...

Your poem and your image truly capture the ripeness of this time of year...the colors of those peaches are glorious!

Royce Addington said...

Beautiful WORDS!
Beautiful Image...beckon one to play:

Slumbering in her colourful cloak
She dreams in orange and crimson embers.
She pirouettes as she succumbs to the crystalized kiss that beckons from IMT's smouldering invitation...

We are so lucky you sign the dance card!!!

Gina Cuff said...


Lea Antonio said...

As I sit shivering in the early morning cold, your collage brings back a little of summer's warmth. I love how the fruit seems to project outward.