Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Muse Monday: week two

Muse Monday is a day late! Oh my, time flies when you're...busy!!! Where did the last 8 days of my life go?!

So much on my plate last week: more packing/purging, taught a class at our local art gallery, a couple of last minute invitation orders (small, thank goodness!), my brother made an unexpected trip home from the other side of the world for a short visit, organized & held a huge garage sale with our neighbors over the weekend, the weather was hot, sticky & humid, energy zapper big time - whew! Anyhow, lots accomplished but still a ton more to check off my list and I'm really starting to miss all my supplies that are packed up, I hope I can handle being this organized! lol :)

Updates: the walls can't come down for another week or two, so I'm still sketching out placement ideas and researching storage options - there's a ton of stuff at this place, here and I just love the stuff here (I spied with my little eye a really cool drawing table there that I want, hehe!!) I'm also fine-tuning my choices for a color palette, I don't want the new space to be too shabby & girly (read: pink) or by contrast, stark & graphic-looking. Would love a clean, simplistic, look with touches of creative abandon & whimsy around the room.

My muse discovery this week: what can you create with a pastry bag, gesso, paint, crackle medium and a piece of 8x20 matboard? The results are shown at left - I may just leave it as an inspiring technique piece but I think it would make a great sign, with ribbon or braided cord to hang it up and of course some lettering - maybe an inspirational word (serendipity?!)

See you next Muse Monday!

**P.S. I promise to catch up soon with everyone's blogs and Flickr 'streams to see what you've been up to. Thanks for all your lovely comments and encouraging words, it really means a lot! :)

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laurel said...

That is too cool! And I have a pastry bag somewhere.